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Blood Of The Willing

UE4: In-Engine Growth Effect 


An attempt to produce a system for growth effects within UE4.

Due development constraints, the system was built using a custom JSON exporter from Houdini and a blueprint parser to import and animate. Sadly, the blueprint wasn't fast enough to produce a real-time effect, so for the time being, it was rendered in Redshift as a proof.

Custom Tools

  • Houdini: "Blind" Path Tracing Algorithm

  • Houdini: Curve Guide Path Following

  • Houdini: Primitive-based JSON Exporter

    • use to create data tables to drive the effect​​

  • UE4 Blueprints: Batch Curve Generator from JSON

  • UE4 Blueprints: : Data Table Partioning

    • Due to speed issues, a partitioning BP was built to leverage parallel processing without sacrificing ease of use

  • UE4​ Blueprints: Spline Mesh Growth System


Not viable approach without custom C++ development

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